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About Wayatinah
Kennel Established 1964
Chinese Shar-Pei of Distinction Bred for Temperament & Type ©
Special Announcement :   Wayatinah was top Shar-Pei Kennel in Australia for 2009 (DOL Pointscore)
Aus Gr Ch Hombrais,  youngest Shar-Pei Gr Ch in NSW 
In 16 years with Shar-Pei we made 34 Champions, including 3 Grand Champions [the second Shar-Pei in NSW, the first  2 Grand Ch & (currently the only 2) Shar-Pei in the Hunter and the Central Coast], including those we have sold and our bought-in breeding stock. We have also used imported American semen, which gave us a very exciting litter (F) from which we kept a girl & boy which we made Champions (Fame & Fortune). We name litters alphabetically for control purposes.
We have always aimed to breed quality not quantity. This is what gives us joy with each litter. Naturally we try to make some profit, which we calculate on "full cost" accounting principles. We are not "cheap", but with everything in life you get what you pay for.  We have been told many times by various people that they have bought a cheap pup & spent more with a vet than we charge for a show puppy.  One even had it die after all the vet expenditure (over $2000).  They paid $1500 without papers at a pet shop, which was disinterested in their plight.  
Showing is not everyone's preferred hobby, but if you like it you love it. We have shown all of the breeds we have had, but more intensively with Shar-Pei. This had resulted in our having some good friends in the Show world. Some even remember us from the early days with German Sherpherds. We are always happy to help those who take our beautiful Shar-Pei to show. Since Dennis became very ill in October 2005 we have not shown, but hope he is well enough early in 2007. We miss the Group & Show wins.
Dogs/Bitches acquired:
Ch Zebedee Ki (F), Ch Zebedee Standard Bearer (aka "Rory") (M) (Group places), our initial pair.
Ch Dahlet Stormy Daze (F) (Group places), Ch Dahlet Indigo Emperor (M) (Ch when purchased) (BIG & places)
Gr Ch Little Budda Beijing (aka "Sonic") (M) (BOB Sydney Royal 2001, R/U in Group, Group places)
Ch Domrij Red Soumo (M) ("Sonic" grandson)
Dogs/Bitches bred & sold:
Ch Wayatinah Bastion (M), Ch Wayatinah Entity (F),  Gr Ch Wayatinah Geronymo (M), Ch Wayatinah Jewell Empress (F), Ch Wayatinah Yeoel
Dogs/Bitches bred & titled by us:
Ch Wayatinah Atelier(M) (2 Best Head,1Best Eyes Shar-Pei Shows, R/U in Group & classes), Ch Wayatinah Alchera(F)
Ch Wayatinah Blaquette (F) (Puppy in Show, Group classes)
Ch WayatinahCygnet (F) (Group clases)
Ch Wayatinah Fame (F), Ch Wayatinah Fortune (M) (Best Eyes Shar-Pei Show, BIG Winner, Group classes)
Ch Wayatinah Halo Of Gold (F) (in 2001,at 6 1/2 mths, Puppy in Breed Sydney Royal, & R/Up & Minor  Puppy in Show Shar-Pei Show: Puppy in Show, Group places)
Ch Wayatinah Imogen (F)
Ch Wayatinah La Chocolate (F) (Best Brush Coat Shar-Pei Show, Group Classes)
Ch Wayatinah Matrix (M) (Group classes)
Ch Wayatinah Nalani (F) (R/U Group wins, Best InGroup, Group classes ), Ch Wayatinah Naida (F) (17 Group Class Wins)
#Ch Wayatinah Tamsyn (F)
#Ch Wayatinah Vicktor (M) (Group Class)
#Ch Wayatinah Windsong (M) (R/U Group, Group Classes)
      #Championships Completed in 2005 Ch Wayatinah Ultimayte (F)
Ch Wayatinah Yeoman, Group & In-Show places, Res Ch 2008 Sydney Royal
Ch Wayatinah Belle (F)
Gr Ch Wayatinah Hombrais (M) Achieved at only 28 months, youngest in NSW, multiple Group places incl R/U
Ch Wayatinah Heidi (F), multiple Group place winner
Ch Wayatinah Iebony (F) 
Ch Wayatinah Kim Bo Nui (F), multi Group Place winner.
Ch Wayatinah Narae (F), Group place winner.
Ch Wayatinah Katelyn (F), a magnificent Horse-Coat Group place winner.
Ch Wayatinah Syrene (F), a lovely Red-Fawn Brush-Coat, from Hombrais' first litter (dam Naida)
Ch Wayatinah Zena (F), a striking Mahogany- Red Brush-Coat, with a magnificent head & movement.
Ch Wayatinah Cheroke(M), a very nice Red-Fawn  with a short .Brush-Coat    
We are grateful for the performance of our darlings. 42 Champions (incl 3 Gr Ch) is very satisfying in19yrs.  
Obviously most of our pups go as pets & our breeding covers this. It is pretty hard to have all pups in a litter as show winners but it is the handling & training that is a big influence. We have had many come back to visit & wished that they had been shown. 
The sad thing about beloved pets is that they pass on. Fortunately we have others. This helps overcome the loss (sometimes).
Pictures, from the top, (1) Ch Wayatinah Tamsyn (at 12 mths), Ch Wayatinah Halo of Gold, (3) Ch wayatinah Fortune
© Copyright 1998 WAYATINAH KENNELS
An excellent headshot of this magnificent Mahogany-Red Horse-Coat. A wonderful Horse-Coat example.
An excellent headshot of this magnificent Mahogany-Red Horse-Coat. A wonderful Horse-Coat example.
Ch Wayatinah Imogen
Ch Wayatinah Imogen
Wayatinah GERONIMO (as puppy): by 6 months 5 Best Baby in Show & 19 Best Baby in Group.
Wayatinah GERONIMO (as puppy): by 6 months 5 Best Baby in Show & 19 Best Baby in Group.

© Copyright 1998 WAYATINAH KENNELS

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