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Established 1964
Chinese Shar-Pei of Distinction Bred for Temperament & Type (c)
Proprietor/Show Handler: Marilyn D Batey, JP DipEd
Stud Master/Trainer/Show Handler: Dennis R Batey, BSc MBA
Breeders and Show Exhibitors of Chinese Shar-Pei
In our many years of breeding, we have bred German Shepherds, Basenji, Rottweillers and now currently only Chinese Shar-Pei. We find Shar-Pei the most affectionate and a great family pet. Owning a Chinese Shar-Pei is like having another person in the house. It really is an honour to breed such wonderful loving creatures.  We love them a lot.
We breed from Champions, and endeavour to improve the breed, and usually have pups available, fit for show or family pets. We breed for temperament and type and strive to produce both horse and brush coats in a variety of colours to truly reflect the breed.  We are known for producing good type, good heads (important for a "head" breed), good wrinkles, powerful movement with good stretch (not stilted)  & excellent temperament.  Our dogs are handsome & our girls are pretty, something some judges do not expect in     Shar-Pei.
Our puppies are house raised and handled continually until weaning to teach them to appreciate people. When selecting, people always comment on how affectionate the babies are. When owners bring them back to see us, they comment on how the dogs always remember us, even if they have not seen us for a couple of years.
Upon weaning we introduce them to a grass run where they “house-train “ themselves. They have access to an outside room (which can be heated) with their mum. At night they are locked in. We still love to play with them. From about 6 weeks they are separated from mum.
Shar-Pei prefer to relieve themselves outside, which is why they are so popular for high-rise apartments.
The Popularity of Wayatinah
  • When we had Rottweillers we were asked to do a pilot TV commercial for "Mead".  This was a shoot featuring a "slavemaster" controlling "slaves" with a whip & 2 Rottweillers.  What a thrill to "ghosthandle" the dogs off camera.  Good temperament & steadiness were essential!
Shar-Pei experiences.
  • We did a TV shoot for Lotto Systems with Champions Wayatinah Atelier & Alchera when young pups.  They had to endure tickets falling all over the set. 
  • For Burke's Backyard we did a shoot with Katrina Warren using two black baby girls (one later being exported).  This was to show the effectiveness of a "netting" system to stop the pups damaging a garden.  When it was finished the system was removed & the two pups  promptly demolished a $100 plant.  We were all in fits of laughter & it was  left in because it demonstrated the effectiveness of the system.  
  • In 2004 we took 5 to appear on the Kerrie-Anne Show.  Two other breeds were included & we were first to be interviewed about our breed.   When it was finished Kerri-Anne returned to spend more time with the Shar-Pei.   She really is a charming lady.
  • In 2006 3 of our babies were used by L'oreal in a promotion for a new skin care product.  Everyone wanted to handle them, & they created more attention than the models.
  • In 2007 Ch Wayatinah Halo of Gold began visiting the aged care facility where Marilyn's mother was residing.  All of the residents loved her & patted her & she enjoyed it too.  Marilyn has been told that Halo was "better" than the other dogs that visited, & they had been specially trained for the purpose.  Sadly both her mum & Halo have now passed  on.
 Pictures, from the top: (1) Wayatinah Yeoman, (2) Gr Ch Little Budda Beijing (Sonic), (3) Aus Gr Ch Wayatinah Hombrais, a magnificent  Apricot Brush-Coat, obtained his Grand at only 2yrs 4 mths, the youngest Shar-Pei Gr Ch in NSW (4) Ch Wayatinah La Chocolate, (5) Aus Gr Ch Wayatinah Geronymo at 10 months old.  A Superb Mahogany-Red Horse-Coat boy.

Wayatinah took the hat trick at 2010 Newcastle AH & I.  Ch Wayatinah Syrene Junior In Group,  Wayatinah Wesley ( at only 12 months old) Australian Bred In Group,  Gr Ch Wayatinah Hombrais Open In Group In 2011 Wayatinah Cherokee was Minor Puppy In Group & Best of Breed.
Breaking News; Wayatinah Yeoel was our 40th Champion at 12 1/2 months old & now Shar-Pei Breed Leader in Australia.  What a girl & what great handling By Rod & Kim Able who show her. 
Wayatinah is currently No 2 Shar-Pei Kennel in Australia (Dogs On Line Point Score).

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Ch Wayatinah Yeoman as a baby
Ch Wayatinah Yeoman as a baby
Aust Gr Ch Little Budda Beijing
Aust Gr Ch Little Budda Beijing
Auat Ch Wayatinah La Chocolate
Auat Ch Wayatinah La Chocolate
An excellent headshot of this magnificent Mahogany-Red Horse-Coat. A wonderful Horse-Coat example.
An excellent headshot of this magnificent Mahogany-Red Horse-Coat. A wonderful Horse-Coat example.

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