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Halo of Gold


Halo is a delightful creature with a real love of people, which only changes if they try to enter our house without being introduced.  Because of her great nature people were always happy to hold her at the Show Ring whilst we were showing another.  She had many BOB, group wins & a Puppy In Show.  Her ring manners were exemplory which made her a delight to show.  Once at a Shar-Pei show, Dennis walked her into a show stand &  then stood off her on a 2 metre lead.   When the judge, who was standing some  3 metres away, asked to see her mouth Dennis dropped the lead & walked to her & opened her mouth.  When the judge signified he had seen enough Dennis turned his back on her & walked back to collect the lead, leaving to stand there unattended.  When he turned around the judge had walked over & was examining her.  No one else tried this & they all used a max of 1 metre leads.  She is now retired and is the house-dog along with her daughter Naiada.  Halo has produced some superb pups many of whom have gone on to be champions eg Nalani, Naida, Tamsyn & soon Yeoman.  This will be at least 1 champion per litter.


Ch Wayatinah Imogen
Ch Wayatinah Imogen

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