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Bravo Beijing

Bravo was born at Cooranbong, to the day 10 years after Sonic was born & was the very sad day on which Sonic (our Grand Champion) passed away.  This makes Bravo very special to us & he seems to know this because he always tries so hard to please.  He has the sweetest temperament & is very loving & obedient as well as being very handsome & very gentle with the girls.  He has a great head as would be expected from his dad & has the typical Wayatinah stretching gait.  We look forward to a good show career from him.  It is clear that he will make a good stud dog too.  He is also one of our quietest too, even at dinner time.  His mother is very athletic too & they can both jump about 1 m off the ground.  We  have also kept his almost identical twin sister Belle.

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