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Sonic had a wonderful temperament & was an "easy going" sweet dog, but was not as effusive as most we have bred & would not give "kisses".  When we acquired him at 10 months old he had been too firmly trained for "obedience" & initially refused to show train.  He was convinced to do this & Marilyn showed him until Atelier was retired, & gained his Championship.  He could beat most dogs except Atelier, whose movement was just too good & who walked/ran directly into a show stand.  One day Marilyn fell in the ring during challenge line-up & dropped his lead.  Every on screamed "dog loose" but he just stood over Marilyn until she got up.  He took Reserve Challenge & Atelier took Challenge.  When Dennis took him over he was taught to run & walk into a show stand & scored challenges more often to gain his Grand Champion.  A very proud day indeed.  He has thrown some beautiful pups.  It was very sad when he passed away on the day his last litter was born.  In his memory we have kept "Bravo Bayjing" & "Belle Bayjing" from this litter.  His memory lives on!
Aust Gr Ch Little Budda Beijing
Aust Gr Ch Little Budda Beijing

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