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Atelier was renowned for his powerful, fast gait.  In his last Sydney "Royal" in a 4 lap run of the ring he was half a lap ahead.  He had tremendous stretch & rear drive. He was our hero dog (because he always gave his best), & a magnificent stud dog.  A few weeks before he passed on, a couple saw him & exclaimed "I have never seen such a macho dog, just bone & muscle, remarkable at 9 1/2 years old".  He had a R/U in Group & many group places especially in the senior classes.  On his last day he jumped up & down & barked to be allowed to play with his grand kids.  At tucker time he did the same when he saw his dinner coming & jumped up on Dennis & kissed him.  He passed away over-night.  He was the first Shar-Pei we know of to be trained to run & walk into a show stand, & was Dennis' favourite show dog.  He is one of a few Shar-Pei dogs with an International Challenge (they must be over 18 months old) & we think the only one who also has an International Reserve Challenge, both gained on the same weekend at a NSW Canine Control Spring Fair.  What a dog!!  He was our "Banner" dog even after he died (from 9 months old & 4 years after his death).  At Shar-Pei Shows he took Best Head twice & best eyes once (Fortune his nephew, took this then).  Dennis was almost in tears writing this.






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